Saturday, December 15, 2012

My response to tragedy

I pray that the God who breathed the breath of life into humanity, who listens to eir children, who even sent a messiah into this world to proclaim eir love, who came back after being murdered and said, "Tend my sheep" (love my people),  can be felt in the world today.  There is so much tragedy, so much heartache, and I just pray that people are able to sense God's love despite the tragedy of human sin.  I fully believe that God weeps with us, and laments with us.  I believe God holds all those who can barely breathe because of grief in eir loving hands.  I believe that God does not cause tragedy, unfortunately humans have the power to do great evil, but God will always be there for the wounded after tragedy strikes. 
I cannot say what should or should not be done after tragedy, but I do hope that people can find God despite the carnage and the wreckage. If they need to, I pray that people are able to take their anger and deepest grief to God.  If they need to scream and yell at God, I pray that they are allowed to do so.  I believe that God can take their words and I know God will still hold them when the anger leads to sobbing. From the depths of despair, the depths of Sheol, we can always cry to God.  
I pray that we are able to give our responses to tragedy over to God, and somehow God can redeem acts of despicable human violence.  That is what I pray for our world today. 

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