Sunday, September 9, 2012

Testing Assumptions

Today I went to the church that almost all the young United Methodist first year students at my seminary have started going to.  The service was rooted in liturgy, the pastor (a grad of my seminary) talked about what it meant to be a progressive orthodox Christian (little o orthodox, someone who takes creeds and liturgy seriously), and everything was right on par with my theology.  I was grateful that I had gone.
I realized that I had made assumptions about my fellow students, and I'm sorry I did that.  Somewhere in my history, I started to assume that if someone around my age is serious about the church and Christianity, they are usually more conservative than I am. I've had Christian friends around my age that hold similar beliefs, but for whatever reason they always seemed like a minority in my mind.  I assumed that the twenty-somethings in seminary with me would naturally be a little more conservative, and they aren't.
 The majority of the students at my seminary really do hold similar beliefs to mine, and even if our beliefs differ, nobody's going to call me out or tell me that I'm wrong because of how I live my life. I am so excited to be in a Christian environment that is progressive and serious about the Bible and church traditions.  I am so excited to be in a seminary where I don't feel like one of those crazy liberal kids, I'm actually a pretty typical student. Praise the Lord, because somehow I ended up in an environment where I fit in just fine.

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