Thursday, August 23, 2012

Building Relationships

Today was my second day of seminary orientation and it's incredible how quickly I got connected to amazing people who will bless my journey.  Before I came here I was so scared of losing my support system, and I had to keep reminding myself that I would build a new one and still have my Lincoln connections.  I just couldn't imagine that my support system here would start to build itself so quickly.  I already have good friends and resources to help me with my journey,and I know I'll just keep connecting up and building up my network here.
I remember how at the beginning of June, I didn't even want to come here.  I was so scared and was so worried about losing the connections I had just started to build with people at home.  I will forever be thankful for my friends, especially my pastor friends who helped to get me here.
  I remember my pastor showing me a picture of baby birds in a nest.  She reminded me that no matter how scary it looked, if I never left my, I'd never be able to accomplish the dreams God had for me.  She reminded me that God wanted me to fly. She was able to help me move forward, and I'll be forever grateful for her wisdom and inspiration at my moment of need.  She helped me get here.
There's still a lot I'm nervous about.  There's still a lot that I'm not sure about, but I'm building relationships.  I know that if I have good people around me and a God who loves me, I can do a lot more than I think I can.  It is our connections that make us strong.

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