Sunday, August 26, 2012

The lesson of the Poang Chair

I bought a Poang chair from Ikea.  When I opened the box to put the chair together, there were no nuts and bolts. All I had were pieces of wood. So, I went back to Ikea and asked for the missing parts.  I got a package of nuts and bolts, but when I tried to put together the chair, the bolts wouldn't fit.  In fact, they got stuck in the chair and I couldn't pull them out. So, I took the whole thing back to Ikea and got a new chair, which I was able to put together with ease. 
The whole thing was an interesting experience and I started thinking about what sort of lesson besides "keep your receipt from Ikea because sometimes they mess up" I could learn from this.  At church today there was talk of new birth. Suddenly I found that I had a strange example for how new birth might work. Sometimes in our lives, we feel lost, like our bolts are missing.  We can search for answers and try to find solutions on our own, but that can sometimes lead to a feeling of being stuck, the pieces we put in don't quite work. We can continue to struggle on our own and try to make everything work, or we can turn ourselves in to God.  We hand over our lives and get a new one.  It's not as simple as picking out a new chair frame, but we can become new again, fresh again, and most importantly we can become complete.
So I give you the lesson of the Poang Chair.  It's simple, and my theology on new birth might change, so this lesson might seem silly to me in the future.  But today, it gives me a perspective on my own rebirth journey that I can use to help me move forward. Today, it makes sense to me. And no matter what, I have a great Poang Chair.

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