Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On the Road

Today I cleaned my apartment in Lincoln, left the keys on the counter, and officially left Lincoln.  It was an interesting experience saying goodbye to my first apartment ever. I tried not to dwell too hard on what was happening, I just wanted to get on the road.
I got on the road and put in a cd that my friend had made for my journey to Atlanta.  Pretty soon I was bawling.  I must have been quite a sight, going down the interstate with a car packed full of stuff, crying like a baby.  But the experience made me realize something.  This is the worst part of my adventure, the part I have been terrified of doing.  I have officially packed up and begun a journey to a place I've never lived before, thousands of miles away from my friends and family. Still, I'm doing it, I'm accomplishing the task, and in a week or two I will be just fine.  Meanwhile, as I'm going through this weird transitional phase, I'm not alone.  I have friends who still have my back, who I can still text and call and facebook, even if I can't see them in person.  I am not leaving my Lincoln community behind, I'm just becoming a long distance member. I will carry my community with me wherever I go, they are a part of me.
Thank you for your support. Please pray or send good vibes my way as I make my journey down to Georgia. 

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  1. My dear child, you bring back all my memories of all the moves I have made. Some had me bawling, too. Others, I admit, felt more like shaking the dust off my feet. Always, I have found that there are wonderful people at both ends of the road.